- A market access strategy enables medical device companies to improve patient access to their technology and efficiently communicate and capture the full potential of the commercial opportunity. 

- Creation of a global market access strategy involves considerations about the value proposition, clinical and economic evidence, pricing, value messaging, healthcare policy, and reimbursement.

-  Market access strategy work  is as important early in the development process as it is for products already on the market.


Jens Kjær Johannesen, EMBA, has over 20 years of experience, working with global MedTech market access and healthcare policy, most recently as the global leader of Cook Medical’s Health Economics and Reimbursement Function.

He has a strong record in successfully improving patient access to treatments and technologies by shaping policies and ensuring relations with governments, medical societies and industry groups in all major markets across the globe.

Business oriented by heart, Jens knows how to vitalize the connection between market access and the business.