Service overview

Global MARKET ACCESS strategy

  • Global Market Access Strategy facilitation and creation
  • Opportunity assessment, alignment of reimbursement and HTA landscape assessments, payment policy trends, and competitive benchmarking

Value proposition and evidence planning

  • Creation of value propositions, stakeholder analysis, and development of market access claims
  • Evidence review and planning to identify potential gaps and opportunities
  • Market access claim substantiation plan - Health Economic evidence strategy
  • Alignment with regulatory strategy and clinical evidence strategy
  • Input to pricing strategy, go-to-market strategy and launch plan

Market access tactical support

  • Payer engagement and healthcare policy shaping 
  • Reimbursement applications (coverage, coding, tariff), HTA submissions, input to clinical guidelines
  • Training and workshops
  • Reimbursement guide development, value communication tools, and market access field support
  • Industry group representation